Getting Reaquainted with One’s Self

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Before, I continue, I’d like to thank the many special people that have helped me with some of my projects.

Some things would have not been possible without their assistance. Therefore, I would like to dedicate this blog to them.

You can find more information on my website.

This is the first of my Capstone Project.
I have recorded many bands and various recordings that have already been produced. I will make more, starting this weekend. Each project is individually done by me and has many different
aspects of the recordings.

The first project I will get into is the recording
of a show at the Bela Dubby Coffee house in Lakewood. This venue ( bar/ coffeehouse/art gallery )is
synonymous with free comedy, electronic, folk and  and  avant gaard genres of music.

I will go in-depth as to what I have been doing
with this project as well as the many other projects I have been doing later in
this blog.

Thanks for the music and the love.


A Video of My Capstone Project

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” title=”My Capstone Project”>My Capstone Project Outline

What My Project Entails

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For my Finals (capstone) project, I propose to put together FractalStudios compilation CDs featuring local, regional and national ( possibly international) artists of different genres. I will either record the acts or in perhaps a couples of cases, they will submit a song. These will be mixed and mastered by me. Some will be recorded at school and some will be recorded at their studios, FractalStudios (my studio), or at live venues with me acting as a recording engineer. The final product would reveal the skills I have developed along the way as well as showcase the schools wonderful studios, instruction, and programs at Tri-c. My focus will be in recording one to three songs from these bands for the compilation CD’s I will be submitting. One CD I will submit will be live bands recorded at various venues in the area and one CD will be of studio recordings.

Hello and Welcome to Fractalstudios Music Blog

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Hello my name is Steve and welcome my Blog

This Blog originally was set up for my capstone project for tri-c ( cuyahoga community coledge recording arts and technology program) rat capstone project and now I use it to further my education and to help start my business

About Me:
Hi my name is Steve owner and proprietor of, and a lifelong Clevelander. is a business name in which I started in 04 to sell items on eBay. I sell different items such as recording gear, musical instruments, house hold items, clothes and books. Check out my stuff I am selling here at

Although my Passion is audio recording preforming, and making music. I started my audio career with taking trap drum set lessons for a few years in the 5th grade, and later at tri-c (Cuyahoga community college) eastern campus. I am now a semi- pro percussionist with playing in various bands throughout the Ohio region. Ever since then started reacquiring audio recording equipment.

Fast forward to now I use this web site to advance my education and the recording engineer i am studying to become from the rat (recording arts and technology) program i am studying for at tri-c.

I started recording on and off some of my friends in the 90’s and now. I have had a passion for sound and sound design since I can remember. It was fascinating, remembering when I was a kid, watching cartoons and trying to figure out  how they made the sounds.

The cartoons I found the most interesting cartoons were, Donald in Mathmagic Land, and Toot, Whistle, Pluck and Boom and a lot of the Warner brothers and Hanna Barbara cartoons. The one most special was Mathmagic land. This cartoon tells about the Golden Ratio which led Pythagoras to a conclusion that a string on an instrument half the size of the previous is one octave in difference. Shortly after that, I got my first tape recorder and used it to crawl around and record cars that whizzing past on the road near our home. My Grandmother yelled at me once when I was doing this saying “you’re gonna get killed by those cars”.

After high school I then wanted to learn more about sound recording and started going to school for it and reading everything I could get my hands on about the subject. Then in the past few years I started location recording beginning with bands at the Starwood Festival for my Internship. Now I record bands and live shows whenever I get the chance.

More about me can be found on my website at