Rest of stuff for Capstone Project 2012

The Live Disc

01 SEA LEVEL @Grog Shop

This was a show Brandon Hawkins from little fish records set me up with.   I recorded this at the Grog Shop and it was recorded on 1/26/12.  I recorded SeaLlevel, Wanyama and, Jewel.    This show was recorded with 2 stereo MXL 991 microphones and a board feed. Next to the mixing booth is where I set up. This and all of my shows are recorded on Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.

02 COLORFORMS @ Bela Bubby

This show was a song from Colorforms set at the Bela Duby experimental psych show that I have wrote about in an earlier post.

03 JEWEL @ Grog Shop

Another band I recorded on 12/26/12 at the Grog Shop.

04 EASTERN BLOK @ Beachland Tavern

Is the Eastern Blok recorded at the Beachland tavern.  The opening band was  Paul Stranahan’s  Insomnia.   I recorded this show for them.

05 MARKY RAY @ Beachland Tavern

This show was recorded -like all of my shows are- with a stereo xy pare and a stereo board feed.

Recorded at the Beachland Tavern.  This show was recorded April/May 2011. Other bands on the bill were: 10.000 Leagues Under My Nut Sack , Zero Defex, and Marky Ray


This is a recording of the show at Bela Dubby with a ZoomH4

07 Faris Azheim  Earth Day @ the Cle Zoo

This is a partially edited song from the Earth Day show I recorded at the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo.  Because of equipment glitches  that day, I only got a single microphone recording.  With some bands that day,  I may have gotten only a single board feed.   Because of problems with the show, I don’t record anything with less than 4 stereo channels.

I have uploaded all of my pictures as well for all my completed projects.

It was such a blast!!!!

Rock on!


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