My Capstone Project (video)

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<a href=”” title=”my capstone roject”>my capstone roject


Robert Moog’s Birthday

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Today is Robert Moog’s birthday. I pay him tribute for making such kick ass products; he is an inventor and master craftsman. He is a legend  and has inspired many musicians as well as myself.

My training as an engineer has enabled me to design the stuff, but the reason I do it is not to make music, but enables the opportunity to work with musicians.

“He brought electronic music to the masses and changed the way we hear music.”

Robert even got his own doodle on this special occasion!

I have a list of sites I would like you to read…

A possible mentor?

raymond scott

For more info on Dr. Robert Moog:


Moog Music . com

Also emulators of Moog Instruments: dr-bob-collector-pak

Minimonsta (mini

Moog was a dreamer that made others dreams come true!!!

Rest of stuff for Capstone Project 2012

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The Live Disc

01 SEA LEVEL @Grog Shop

This was a show Brandon Hawkins from little fish records set me up with.   I recorded this at the Grog Shop and it was recorded on 1/26/12.  I recorded SeaLlevel, Wanyama and, Jewel.    This show was recorded with 2 stereo MXL 991 microphones and a board feed. Next to the mixing booth is where I set up. This and all of my shows are recorded on Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.

02 COLORFORMS @ Bela Bubby

This show was a song from Colorforms set at the Bela Duby experimental psych show that I have wrote about in an earlier post.

03 JEWEL @ Grog Shop

Another band I recorded on 12/26/12 at the Grog Shop.

04 EASTERN BLOK @ Beachland Tavern

Is the Eastern Blok recorded at the Beachland tavern.  The opening band was  Paul Stranahan’s  Insomnia.   I recorded this show for them.

05 MARKY RAY @ Beachland Tavern

This show was recorded -like all of my shows are- with a stereo xy pare and a stereo board feed.

Recorded at the Beachland Tavern.  This show was recorded April/May 2011. Other bands on the bill were: 10.000 Leagues Under My Nut Sack , Zero Defex, and Marky Ray


This is a recording of the show at Bela Dubby with a ZoomH4

07 Faris Azheim  Earth Day @ the Cle Zoo

This is a partially edited song from the Earth Day show I recorded at the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo.  Because of equipment glitches  that day, I only got a single microphone recording.  With some bands that day,  I may have gotten only a single board feed.   Because of problems with the show, I don’t record anything with less than 4 stereo channels.

I have uploaded all of my pictures as well for all my completed projects.

It was such a blast!!!!

Rock on!

rest of capstone pt 1

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Checking my status

I have been recording live  over 3 years now. Last night, I was at the Beachland Ballroom to record Cosmic Circle; those guys are the coolest, but I do have to admit that I was there to see Grandmothers of Invention.  And as soon as the world slows down, I will put  up stuff from that show there.

My live CD

The idea for my live CD is a culmination of the various bands I have recorded with over the past several years.  They include artists such as Marky Ray, Cosmic Circle, Phat Man Dee,PSI Insomnia, and Martin Bisi.  Most of my recordings have been at the Beachland Tavern, but I have recorded at the Beachland Ballroom.   This CD is not fully done because I still have to get releases for the music I have recorded.  This CD will allow me to get my name as Fractalstudios out there and to hopefully get bigger recording gigs and make some money off the things I do.  This is the second part of my Capstone Project.

My studio CD

My studio CD is a culmination of the bands that I have recorded in my basement with my and the schools equipment.  I have my band Gow and PhatMandee on the CD, as well as studio stuff I have done with various people over my recording lifetime, some songs are over 10 years old.  Now that I am getting into the recording field and networking I can use this cd as stuff to shop around and get more bands recorded as well as find some better studios.  These cd’s   are only a part with the planning I have envisioned with this capstone project.  This was a project I needed to do because I have been sitting on many recordings and this allowed me to get my ideas up and together.

My company

A few years ago I started a Company just selling Ebay items I was 10 years out of high school and the this bisneuss was used to make more money on top of the jobs I had at the time.  Recording at this stage was only a hobby and it was something fun I wanted to do.  Then after getting our basement done and finding more gear this sparked my interests in recording even more.  I then started getting into bands and saw there was an opportunity at tri-c that I could start learning more about music.  That’s When I started  drum lessons again, and started music theory on the east side.  Then I found that there was a recording program and had met Dave Kennedy threw various friends I had and he told me about this program.  I was lackadaisical in the business part of  my endeavor until just recently.  Now I foresee a future in recording and music but I still do eBay on the side.   My next part of the endeavor is to put together the cd’s I have as well as get my business off the ground.

My music
My music is a culmination of various keyboard projects I have been doing with the vst instruments I have on my computer.  There all emulations of the old school keyboards of yesteryear.  I have much of the Arturia plugins, as well as the Korg legacy addition I also have the MiniMonsta and Native Instruments keys as well.  I have been fascinated in keyboards and computers ever since I was a kid.  I when we used to make my brothers Atari computer in the 80’s swear.  That was before they had midi ports.  I was the first kid on my block to have a Casio SK1 and loved recording tones of stuff on it.  I then started drums and making music and the rest is history.

The songs on my studio CD
Back ground
All the stuff on this cd is recorded with sonar 8.5 and was all done in my basement studio.

01 ISS
This song is a gangsters of whitewall song vocals by Darn cat  the song is about the international space station.  I have two versions of this song on the cd because one has samples and one does not.

02 iss with out samples

03 PhatMandee Mr Fixit Man
This song was recorded from the band that I had come in from PA.  this song was on the Katrina relief disaster CD.

Mr Brown
This song is another Gangsters of whitewall song sung by Farris Azheim  this song is about a shut-in

05 Runner
This song is a Fractal song (my alter ego) This song was recorded years ago shortly after I got my basement done in 2000 I later entered this song for a contest to put on the ghost in the shell cartoon but my they said my submission was late.  This song is made with my friend mike and we used 2 computers and the Korg legacy vst plugins.  I later added circuit bent drum sound to it but cut it down because it made it way to repetitive.

06Hard working papa
This is a blues song written by Farris Azheim this is a song that when played out live makes people want to get up and dance.

07 Wild is the wind
This is another song from the Phat Mandee sessions it’s a love song

08 Traveler
This is another Darn cat song from Gangsters of white wall This song was hard to do because of the verb and trying to get other stuff on the verb as well as the vocals so I had to put two different verbs on it same plugin and verb but one only on voc and one only on everything else.

This song was exclusively written by me and using the Aturia modular Moog synth I did use a reason sample in it for some background sounds

To remember something
Is a song by me and was written in reason. All drum samples are by me and the recordings I do, as well as some of the samples.

Gallery of his dreams
This was one of the first songs I ever written it shocases my friend mike Markwski on guitar and the rest is made up of samples all over the place this was recorded on a Fostex 4 track cassette recorder with a Casio keyboard.  This song is from the 90’s.

Where’s Douge
This song has an interesting story to it I make samples and recorded a bunch for a friend and him and this other friend have a electronic band.  This is not the song that will be put on the album but this song is there to replace the one that will be.  The song will be made by where’s Douge and all the samples are samples I have created.

Gangsters of Whitewall

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Gangsters of Whitewall is the band I play drums in.  The band started over 2 years ago(that’s when I started within the group) Everything has been slow going with playing out and making this album.  We started recording our first album  because of re-recording bits and pieces of the album within the past year.

This  including at Tri-c ’s  recording facilities last year.  Our album is a culmination of songs we play out which are  written by Farris Azheim, and Daniel (Darn Cat.)

All recordings have been set up and done here at Fractalstudios, which is the small project studio I have in my basement.

I have been recording with a Pearl Session Drummer set with 2 Ludwig add -on toms.  I record my aluminum snare with either a Shure SM 57 or a Nady SP5.  The bass drum was recorded with a large fluffy blanket and a MXL 900 series  large diaphragm condenser or a sm57, on earlier songs.  On the later songs,  I recently bought a Shure Beta 52 that and the MXL 990are my staples for my kick sound now.  But for this project, it depends when it was done and which technique I used when it was recorded.

For  the toms I use dynamic mics in different positions near or on the toms.  I would use the Nady sp5 on them, and some times put an extra Nady between the toms resting on the kick.

On the snare I use an extra condenser under or behind the microphone  pointing to the snare.   I would do this in addition to recording straight snare sound close mic’d as well to catch undirected snare.  It would effect the recording that it was not such a harsh high hat sound.  I would use this recording alone or in addition to a straight snare drum sound.  The microphones I would use were condensers I have.  They would be either be the MXL 990, or 991, or the Studio projects c1, or the Samson C01, or my new Audio Technica AT 4033.  The straight snare sound would be the above dynamics  that I have.

Then I’ll use 2 or MXL 991’s over the top of the kit, depending, just over the ride and large floor tom in a stereo left and right. Some of the pictures I have taken will give you some clues as to what I am talking about, with the rest of my descriptions.

With the guitars I recorded all of them through my 65 Twin Reverb.  The two guitars are ether Farris’s Fender Jaguar, with hum buckers pickups, or my Epiphone Faded G 400 with hum bucker pickups.   The bass was recorded direct in from an amp, (Behringer, or a Acoustic) or a DI I have (whirlwind or Samson) or directly into the board.

These recordings- just like every thing I do- were recorded in Sonar 8.5.  Sonar is made by Cakewalk and utilizes VST plugins.  I do have Pro Tools, but I do not have any good plug-ins for it.  All of my sound cards I do have, work with Pro Tools, but as well I cannot get the dongle to work.  I used Cakewalk Sonar for some of my projects in Mastering Class, just by using the Sonox plugins, my ears and headphones.  I will also be mastering the projects some now and some later in date.

I do have a link on Myspace and Face book as well and will have more  there  and on Fractalstudios.

I have not blogged in a while

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I know I have not blogged in a while, but I’m getting content and there is a lot.   Here’s what I have been doing so far:

I had a band come in from PA called Phat Mandee and I recorded them at my house during the weekend of March 24 and 25.

I recorded their session to Sonar 8.5 and have been mixing their songs since.  The band is a 3 piece jazz Latin band with Mandee on vocals.  I recorded the band in the large part of my basement with the  band in the corner of my basement. (see pictures )  I recorded the drums (congas) with the schools  Octava MC-012 in a stereo pair overhead.  I positioned them 3 to 4 inches over each drum.  Then I recorded the stand up bass in the corner at the bottom of the stair well with a Samson c01 condenser microphone mid way up the upright bass. I recorded the acoustic guitar with a studio projects C1 mid way up the guitar neck pointed down toward the hole.  I placed a  home made sound absorber between the guitarist and bass player.  I had a large couch between the guitarist and the drummer for isolation.     I then recorded over dub of the electric guitar direct in with a Samson active passive DI.  I had my vintage Fender Twin Reverb amp put in the next room over from the control room with a Mxl 990 directly hanging down the front by the mic cable.  The mic was not in the middle of the lower speaker, but up a bit from it.  I recorded a scratch track of the vocal in the control room.  I recorded them  with my new MXL 900 series tube microphone- that I bought for this session.

The band re-did vocals on 16 and 17th March and I tried to get them at the school.  I used the 3 floor trident room.  After setting up,  A  jazz study class ruined the session.  They had a very loud drummer that bled on to the vocal track and we had to leave.  We went back to my house and finished the vocals there.

I shortly mixed a track of ‘Mr. Fix-it Man’  for a Hurricane Katrina  disaster relief fund CD.  I have a a drive account so they could hear stuff I was doing with their mixes.

Check out my photo bucket Mandee pictures for more details.

Darkmatter:White Fire Bella Duby Show FEB

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Here is what I have been doing so far…. I recorded at Lakewood Bela Dubby as my first project. I  recorded such bands as Darkmatter::whitefire and Colorforms and Highly Functioning Cult.

Check out my pictures for what I have done with the music.